Tutorial How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 has huge resources- Custom ROM and Application. Still, you should know that when you buy it, the operating system doesn’t allow you to make use of its full power. If you root it then you can explore more of its performances tweaks. The CF Root is the first rooting method is simple and easy use to root your Galaxy s3 with only few click (Tutorial How To Root).

But, if you want to send your Samsung Galaxy S3 back in for warranty reasons or maybe you just want to start over with a stock device. Here’s the quickest way to unroot the device and get it back to fully stock. There still not has any Unroot Tools that allow you to unroot your Galaxy S3 with simple one click. To unroot Galaxy S3, you need to Reset the Flash Counter and then manually flash stock ROM via Odin.

Reset Flash Counter:

When you root your Galaxy S3 via CF Root  Method, this flash insecure kernel will increase the Flash Counter. For Example, when you boot into download mode (press>Volume Down + Home + power button):

Before Root or flash insecure kernel


After Root or flash insecure kernel


So you need to reset the Flash Counter. You can refer here the complete tutorial + Video on how to reset Galaxy S3 Counter.

Flash Original or Stock Firmware

After reset the counter, now you need to install or restore back your Galaxy s3 original Firmware. For your info, here is the different info show in the Downloading Mode after you Root and flash Custom ROM into Galaxy S3:

Galaxy s3 with Original ROM


Galaxy S3 with Custom ROM + Rooted


So, now you need to flash Samsung official ROM into your Galaxy s3. Before Flash,  check and make sure that download with your local version firmware on you region. You can refer here on how to check the firmware version and download the original stock firmware. Then follow the guide below to flash the original firmware into your Galaxy s3:

1. Downloadand install Samsung Kies on your PC. Restart your PC after installation complete.

2. Download the S3 firmware (.zip) and then Extract the file (now you will get .tar file) into your PC.

2. Go Setting >Developers option to enable USB Debuging on your Galaxy S3 and then Power off your  Galaxy S3.

3. Press your Galaxy volume up + Power Button + Home Button to enter Downloading Mode.

4.  Open Odin (download Link) on PC, then connect your S3 to PC via USB connect USB.

5.  Make sure Odin Detect your Galaxy S3 (How to know).

6.  Press Odin PDA, then select the  downloaded firmware (.tar).

7. Now click Odin Start button  to Flash the firmware into your galaxy S3.

8. That all! Your Phone will reboot once the firmware complete flash into your S3.

Now you boot into Downloading Mode, and you can see that your Galaxy S3 will show that:


If you have any question about this tutorial, you can leave us a comment. We will try the best to answer your Questions as soon as possible!


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  • serd

    i’m completely beginner.
    i want to ask,
    how to check which custom my phones use?
    and if the :
    current binary and system status show custom, then is that mean i using custom ROM or custom firmware?

    if it means custom ROM, then i need to re-flash the stock firmware?
    i think it mean custom, because i just flashed cf-root 6.4 1 week ago – following ur tutorial. (thx’s). so flashin cf-root will changed it to custom(rom)?

    and if it still original ROM, all i have to do is just reset the flash counter?
    and it changed back to unroot?

    • serd

      after flashed cf-root, i also flash cwm touch (favorite)?
      will be a problems? until now, what i faced is when i open cwm apps (not from booted) it says, “this version of CWM manager should be used with CF-cwm v1.1 or newer. it appears you are running a different recovery. Various features have been disabled. (obviously because of cwm touch(?), but isn’t that just some functions as CWM? why it detect cwm touch as different one, can i solved this?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003406326878 Jen

        I successfully reootd my Evo 4G with Gingerbread. While it did take some patience, my phones response was not the same as what was indicated in the how to . Any of you with some basic understanding of the stuff should be fine. However I am now finding my phone going off into sleep and not coming back on. Typically I would just hit the power key and my screen would turn back on. Now hitting the power key is not doing anything. I have to pull the battery and reboot to wake my phone back up. This has never happened prior to rooting it a few days ago. Does anybody have any feedback or suggestions? Any similar problems? Will installing a different ROM do anything for this? And what is the best overall ROM to install? Thanks in advance for any feed back.

    • admin

      Hi serd:

      - current binary and system status show “custom” is mean you are using custom ROM (custom firmware)? custom firmware also is custom ROM, both are the same meaning.
      - “cf-root ” is kernel and normally kernel only will change the flash counter.
      - if you are using original ROM, then no need to reset the flash counter. But if you are using original ROM + Rooted, then you need reset the flash counter.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003406316054 Bachtiar

      Max, first of all thank you for everything you do for HTC Evo users. I have not rooetd my 4G yet because I’m having a tough time picking up on all the lingo. I know you have your cheat sheet on the site, but I was wondering if you could have a Rooting for beginners and/or dummies section on your site to get folks like myself up to speed on rooting with step by step instructions? From creating and setting up and saving files and folders on our computers to installing the latest and greatest. I’ve had my 4G since February and love the phone, but really want to get it running to it’s maximum potential and flexibility for me. I’m afraid of screwing my phone up! I’m tired of all of Sprint’s blot ware that I don’t use and it really takes up too much internal memory. Thanks again for all that you do, I subscribed to you here, facebook, and youtube. (Sorry, not a tweeter

  • serd

    i can really confirm i never using custom rom, i think it change to custom after i flash cf-root. ?
    and is that will be a problem, because after i flash cf-root, directly i flash cwm touch.?
    and after reset flash counter, i go into download mode, and check
    custom binary download : 0
    current status : samsung official
    system status : official

    is that mean it’s unrooted+stock rom?
    but i can’t get ota updates?

    how to check if im using stock (original) ROM (firmware), or custom ROM?

  • geist

    Hi..want to ask u a little things,should need to wipe data and wipe cache before i flash it? Sorry for my bad english.

  • Max

    All the root and unroot pages I have seen are for the GT-i9300 models. I would like to root my SCH-1535. Will the instructions for root and unroot be the same? This is my first smartphone and I’ve never rooted before.

  • ryan

    ive have unrooted my galaxy s3 for warranty purposes. but i still have a device status of modified and a system status of custom . how do i get rid of these. no superuser and root apps do not work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Inimitable1 Hamza Khan

    What about system status… it remains custom..

    • Sean Royce

      Try rebooting. You might have done something wrong

  • AndyTo

    how to get the firmware?

  • Marius

    If I have stock Firmware customized by the provider and I install an official untouched firmware with Odin, will the CUSTOM BINARY DOWNLOAD remain NONE??

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi, Marius. The phone downloading Mode info will be change if you flash firmware via odin.

  • nazwayne

    stuck at samsung boot

  • tal sibony

    what if I have nothing in the product name?
    is there something i can do in order to fix it?