How To One Click UnRoot Galaxy S3

One of Android’s biggest strengths is that it’s an open source operating system, which means that anyone with programming talent can potentially tinker with the code and make it even better and powerful. Yes, there are always things you want to do to make your phone work a little bit better! Rooting an Android smartphone is not for the faint of heart. You can follow our simple guide to better understand how to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone (Tutorial how to root Galaxy S3). But, if you send Rooted Galaxy S3 to Samsung Services Centre for warranty repair, it may void your warranty if Samsung found that the device was rooted. So how to Unroot Galaxy S3? From previous tutorial, we have learnt how to Unroot Galaxy S3 by reset the flash counter and restored back to “stock” firmware via Odin.

Today, we will share with you the simplest step to unroot your Galaxy S3. Yes, OTA RootKeeper application allow you to temporary unroot your galaxy S3 wit only one click! Here is:

Step 1: Download OTA RootKeeper from Google Play Store. (Free)

Step 2: Install and Launch RootKeeper on your Galaxy S3.

Step 3: Press “Protect root” and then Press “Temp un-root

Step 4: That’s all!

Note: You can restore the root access by click the button.

You can check your Galaxy S3 root status by using this free application- Root Checker (Download Link).

Root Galaxy S3 by using OTA RootKeeper will not reset the flash counter. So you can refer tutorial here on how to Reset Galaxy S3 Odin counter/Reset custom binary counter.

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  • Anil Sardiwal

    Does that remove the root completely? I guess no.


    heeeeeeeeeelp.pleassssssss,im traying to find my stock recovery to replace the costum recovery i flashed to my sgs3,because i recieve an ota update and im sure the stock recovery or original recovery of my device can instal that ota update package,so hlp me please guide me to find my stock recovery or a solution to switch between my stock recovery and costum clock mode recovery.please device model is GT I9300.pleasssssse

  • serd

    hi! by following ur tutorial..
    after restore root, my CWM become gone when acces from recovery mode which it applies by original recovery mode from phones..
    and my avast anti-theft is need to re-registered..
    do u sure it really can be used on S3?

  • Guttsy911

    Don’t work with SGSIII!?

    When reading the info from un-root app in the pic’s it clearly states “USELESS with Samsung phones….”

    I bet that app does what it says it un-roots any device “one-click” but if you want to “again-root” your sgs3 i think it is USELESS ;)

    …just a thought

    - Guttsy911