How to Tether Galaxy S3 As A WiFi Hotspot

Mobile users love to connect to the Internet, and they want to be able to get online from anywhere . Since cell coverage is much more widespread than Wi-Fi coverage and can provide Internet connectivity directly to Android smartphones, many carriers now let subscribers share that connectivity with their other devices. This means that you can connect your Galaxy S3 to the Internet in any location where your phone can get a data signal from your carrier. So, Tethering is one to one (you connect a phone to a laptop), and the laptop must have the right drivers to make it work.  To set up tethering (Internet sharing) on your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go To Galaxy S3 “Settings” ,then “More settings”.

Step 2: Now your are on the Wireless and Networks Menu. So,chose the “Tethering and portable hotspot

Step 3: Enable “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot function”.

Step 4:Setup your network name- network SSID ( any) and network key to only you or authorized person for access- Password (any). The security on your Wi-Fi is provided by providing the password using the WPA2 PSK security.

Step 5:Click save.

Step 6: Open your PC or laptop Wi-Fi, then search your  Galaxy s3 network SSID which you have setup, then enter the password. Now your PC or laptop can connect to internet.

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  • Aslo

    USB Tethering is there and it works. But “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot function” option is not there im using Sprint

    • climbamtn

      do you have to pay sprint extra for tethering with usb? i prefer this phone but google nexus allows wireless tethering without paying extra to sprint and unlimited data as a hotspot. hmmm if i knew that was an option with g s3 there would be nothing to consider. any insite?

  • Abdulelah Sejini

    It work but I can’t setup my network name or password.
    The name of the network is AndroidAP and it has a password !!! I tried to put my phone password but it doesn’t work.

    • jon

      you set the password via the tethering options- just click on portable wi-fi hotspot then option configure…. and it should bring you to a screen where you can set what password is used instead of the default one it provides…

  • Massive Loop

    With this method, will I able too bypass paying extra for tethering after I root the phone?

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi, Massive Loop,
      I think this method CANT bypass the paying.

  • Dictation

    Yes, if it is rooted you can bypass paying extra for tethering, but it will still use the data you pay for. So if you have limited data, be careful.

  • Prontip Sandi Larson

    Is there a default passwrod? I’ve never entered one into my phone.

  • Master Genetix

    how many users are allowed to connect to this hotspot?

  • Phil Popping

    Is there a way of adding this function to the ‘quick toolbar’ that you can pull down from the top of the screen? I have to toggle this function a couple of times a day, and it’s a real pain to have to go through the menu system all the time.