Download and Update Galaxy S3 GTi9300 To Official Android 4.1.1 (I9300XXDLIB) Jelly Bean

Finally, Samsung start rolling out official Android Jelly Bean to Samsung Galaxy S3 GTi9300. You can check the firmware update availability on you country either by using Samsung Kies, manually check update on your phones with latest firmware notifications (OTA), or by using Check Fuse Downloader application . The previous post “ How To Update and Root Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean (I9300XXDLI8) on Galaxy S3“, I9300XXDLIB is only leaked version of Android 4.1.1 firmware. From the latest  online source, the official firmware is  now available and start rolling out for the Poland Galaxy S3 GTi9300 users. I am not from Poland and the only way to run this latest Android 4.1.1 firmware on my Galaxy s3 is by download and  manually flash this official I9300XXDLIB firmware into my Galaxy s3 via Odin.

Root Galaxy S3

As I have mentioned before, flash downloaded firmware into Galaxy S3 via Odin application has the risk that will brick your phones and may void the warranty. So, you can visit to the page “ Galaxy S3 Hits and Tips” to get more info. You can visit to link here to get know the latest features that available on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S3. Here is some of common simple question you may know before update Galaxy S3 to Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware via Odin,

- I am running other country version of Galaxy S3 firmware. So can I update to  Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean I9300XXDLIB ?

I have updated my Galaxy s3 to this latest Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean I9300XXDLIB from Android 4.0 ICS firmware version I9300XXALF2  (Singapore). I found that my  phone still work fine includes call, message, Wifi and any without change the VPN or other setting. From previous experience and tested, I found that you can update and run (without any bug issues) Galaxy S3 base on other country firmware.

- Do I need perform Factory Reset/Wipe Data before flash Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean I9300XXDLIB via Odin?

You may found that lot of site tutorial suggest you to Factory Reset/ Wipe Data in the CWM recovery before flash the firmware. But here, I have tested and found that you no need to perform any Factory Reset/Wipe Data if your phone is running Samsung Galaxy s3 stock firmware. So, all your installed application and setting still will remain same.

But, if you are running other Custom ROM such as AOKP, then you need to perform Factory Reset/Wipe Data before flash the firmware. You can made fully backup (how to backup) all important data and application before perform Factory Reset/Wipe Data. Your Galaxy S3 will stuck at Boot (How to solve) if you not perform full Factory Reset/Wipe Data.

Ok, that’s all about the common question and you cam leave me a comment if you still have any question about how to flash firmware into Galaxy S3 via Odin. Below is the tutorial share with you on how to flash and Root Galaxy S3 GTi9300 Android 4.1.1 Jelly I9300XXDLIB firmware:

Note: Tutorial Below only is for your reference and try it on your own risk. The tutorial below was tested on my Samsung Galaxy s3 version GTi9300 running I9300XXALF2 firmware.

Step 1: Download file then unzip this file to your PC. Now you will get I9300XXDLIB_I9300OXFDLI1_XEO.tar.MD5

Download I9300XXDLI8 for Galaxy S3 ( ) :  Link

Step 2: Set your phones into USB debugging mode: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging. Then turn off your phones.

Step 3: Turn your phones into download mode by  pressing and holding Volume Down + Home + Power simultaneously. (What is Download Mode?)

Step 4: Open Samsung Odin application on PC. Make sure that Samsung kies is not running on your PC.

Step 5: Connect the device to your computer using USB.

Step 6: Wait a few seconds, the ODIN screen will show that a device is now connected- ID:COM boxes.

Step 7: Click the PDA button, then select I9300XXDLIB_I9300OXFDLI1_XEO.BTU.tar.md5.

Step 8: Press “Start”. ODIN will start flash the firmware. Don’t unplug the USB Cable connection during the flash process. Your Galaxy S3 will automatically reboot once the firmware is completely flash into your Galaxy S3.


That’s all! Enjoys! You can refer here on how to root and install CWM Recovery into Galaxy S3 that running I9300XXDLIB firmware.

Refer to the tutorial here (Link), if you have face any bug or problem on your Galaxy S3 after firmware update.

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  • Dhenz

    I want to overclock using JB, will the siyah kernal work with this jb firmware? If not are there any kernals for JB to overclock? Or will there be a new siyah kernal for JB?

  • Sameer Khojla

    Hi thanks for very simple & easy tutorial for flashing GT-9300 official firmware well i have question i am on stock Rooted Firmware can i update ? i know if i flashed than i will loss root access no problem but can i still update ?

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi, Sameer,

      Basically you still can update your Rooted Galaxy S3 firmware. But, if you face any update problem on your Rooted Galaxy S3. then you can temporary unroot your Galaxy S3. The step to unroot is very simple, you can refer here: