Root Galaxy S3 Tutorial – One Click Root + CWM For Galaxy S3 Via Odin

As per usual, the scoop comes courtesy of the guys over at XDA Developers,Chainfire, a popular hunt of Android enthusiasts, and we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide for those looking to root their newly  Samsung Galaxy S3!

Basically if you intend to get access to special system files , if you want to edit those files or customize you need to Root Galaxy S3 .In simple words ,Rooting provides you and the apps to get a control of your entire mobile system. You basically become a “Superuser” through which you can alter :

1. Preinstalled system apps like clocks ,maps etc.
2. Boot screen images
3. Special Apps
4. Edit themes
5. To make a backup of all the applications installed.

Compare to previous root  tutorial (Video), here, CF-Root is the root for “rooting beginners” and those who want to keep as close to stock as possible. CF-Root is meant to be used in combination with stock Samsung firmware and be the quickest and easiest way for your first root.

Here is step by step Tutorial on how to Root Galaxy S3 Android 4.0.4 via Odin:

Before start.

-This tutorial , root and install CWM recovery normally will not delete all your phones data and installed application. But, it is Better  Create a backup of your phone’s important data to external storage. After backup, remember remove the sdcard before perform root and install CWM recovery  task on Samsung Galaxy S3.

- Make sure that Battery power at least 80% full.

- If you do not have Samsung’s KIES  installed, download and install it. Correct USB drivers must be installed, so that programs can communicate with the device. Reboot computer after KIES installation.

The Tools you need:

- Odin 3.04: Download Link

- Download Link. ( After download, please unzip  this file. and you will get (CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar)

Tutorial How to install Root + Install CWM Recovery On Galaxy S3:

Step 1:  Set your phones into USB debugging mode: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging. Then Power Off your phones. ( You must fully turn off your S3, to do so, you can remove the battery and then plugin again the battery.)

Step 2: Turn your phones into download mode by  pressing and holding VolumeDown + Home + Power simultaneously. (what is S3 debugging mode? Click here for the answer)

Step 3: Start ODIN on PC.

Step 4: Connect the device to your computer using USB.

Step 5: Wait a few seconds, the ODIN screen will show that a device is now connected. ( If ODIN not detect your device, mean you still not install the s3 driver/ Samsung kies properly or still not enable the Download Mode)


Step 6: Click the PDA button, then select CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar (Note: this is .tar file and not is .zip file!)

Step 7: Press Odin “Start” button. ODIN will start flash the firmware, and the device should reboot after flash complete (less than 1 minute). That’s All!

If you have any question about this tutorial, you can leave us a comment. We will try the best to answer your Questions as soon as possible!

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  • Jid

    Why do you have to remove the sdcard before performing root?

    • admin

      Hi,normally no need remove the SD card. But it is to prevent your data which you have backup to SD Card may accidentally delete during the root process.

  • Youness

    Worked like a charm !!

  • Dale Emery-Smith

    Does rooting the S3 this way add to the flash/ binary counter? And is it esay to unroot it and return to stock if i need to take it in to the shop and retain my warranty? It was easy to do on my old gt540 due to being able to use z4root

    • admin

      Hi, Dale Emery-Smith.
      Yes, it will increase the s3 binary counter. Sofar not has any tools for unroot Galaxy S3.

      • shanky887614

        Triangle Away

        can be used to reset the flash counter after installing CF-Root. The flash counter keeps track of how many custom firmwares you have flashed, as this voids warranty. (No idea what this about ? Read up on it, you will want to use this !)

  • Bernard

    Worked perfectly. Thanks guys

  • Jon


    I have followed all steps to root my 19300XXLE8 but it did fail. After having set it up to Debugmode I run Odin, then select CF-Root-SGS3.tar as PDA and then Start. The log said that it failed to open COM1 I think. I am missing something? Thank you, Jon.

  • Jon

    Ok, I managed now. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi, Jon. Welcome!

  • Folk

    Odin3 flash failed. I am using the I9300XXALE8. I followed all your instructions

    • admin

      Hi, Folk. I9300XXALE8 can be root. Do your odin detect your S3 when you connect to Pc via USB Cable? The odin ID:COM will display 0:[COM6].

  • Dan-D

    Hey man, Can I use this method on all(any) brand new Galaxy s3?

    • admin

      Hi, Dan-D.
      Theoretically, it can use to root all galaxy S3 GTI9300 firmware. Make sure that your S3 model is GTI9300.
      Then what is your firmware version?

      • Dan-D

        Ah…, I haven’t bought it yet. But I’m planning to buy one from Singapore.

  • Ken

    Work perfect on Australia Telstra phone GT-I9300T

  • Jack

    The title of this article is inaccurate. You refer to this process as the One Click Root when it clearly is not. The idea (and thus the name) of one click is that you plug in your phone, open the script and it roots your phone for you. One click, and everything is done via ADB.

    This is an Odin operation, and involves several clicks. Please alter your article title, it’s misleading, as currently Odin is the only rooting method for the Galaxy S III and there is no One Click.

    • admin

      Hi, Jack. You can root Galaxy S3 either by CWM or odin. We consider it is (root via odin) as one click root because the root process will only start when you press the Odin Start button. So, After the click start button (one click), the root process will start until your S3 get rooted. During this process, you no need change or add any extra command.

  • 5minutes

    Can GT-I9300 DXLE9 use the same method?

    • admin

      Hi 5minutes,
      Yes, it is same.

      • serd

        if can, then why need to have a newer build version?

        • admin

          Ya, Serd.
          Do you mean the S3 firmware?
          Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware build number is different on different countries. You can refer here on how to check and read the Galaxy S3 firmware build number:

          • serd

            if i am using different firmware in different country, will be a problem?

          • admin

            Hi Serd,
            We have try flash and use different country firmware and found that it’s work as normal. But you need to make sure that your the firmware is flash with correct or supported Galaxy S3 Phone Model, example GT i9300.

  • Stuart

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:11)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Doesn’t work for me :-(

    • Liam

      Make sure kias is closed then it should work

      • Miky

        Yes, that’s it, thanks :)

  • Stuart

    Forget that – tried again and it worked :-)

    Sweet – thanks

    • Elisabeth

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  • steven lee

    hi all

    im all new to the s3 ive all ways had an iphone, what is this Root the s3? is it so ya can put 3rd party apps on? like when ya jailbread the iphones


    • admin

      Hi steven lee, Welcome to Android World.
      You can install third party application without root the S3. To install third Part Application, your can go to Settings>Security> tick to then Enable Unknown sources.
      Yes, root Android theoretical in term same as Jailbreak iPhone. After Rooted S3, you can install custom ROM, change the system application, overclock and more. Sure, we will share with more on the tutorial on how to install, unlock system application and flash powerful custom ROM on Galaxy S3 soon.

  • steven lee

    thanx for that admin

    i was on youtube last night trying to get SPB shell on me s3, put lucky patcher on and snappz market on but when i try to patch SPB shell it comes up error, some one said need to root the phome first, is that rite? if you know of any good sites that can help me will u post or email them to me

    thanks ste

    • admin

      Hi, Steven Lee.
      Yes, SPB shell is a great UI and Launcher for Android. I also like this application.

      Emmm… i think you are install “unofficial” SPB Shell from other source (other than Google Play Store). Then try to use lucky patcher to unlock it.
      For your info, lucky patcher only support Android few application and there no have any tool can be use to unlock SPB Shell.
      Here, we are more recommend user use official Android application Link: if you want other free “SPB Shell ” like 3D launcher then you can refer here:

      • Shubham

        I am asking for help bacuese my rooted fire crashed and i thought i had firefirefire installed but when the boot options menu came up none of them did anything so i shut it off and turned it back on, its been on the opening kindle fire screen for like a day now and i want to know if there is anything i can do to save it. I used kindlewater for Mac to root it. Please please please email me with help i would extremely appreciate it. I don’t have $200 to go buy a new one

  • Oli

    Brilliant! Worked a charm on my 16GB Vodafone UK S3!

    To the naysayers moaning about it not being ‘one click’, it’s as ‘one click’ as rooting will ever get. So stop complaining.

    Thanks to the OP – awesome! :)

  • Iñigo

    After this instalation appear a yellow triangle? Thank´s

    • admin

      Yellow Triangle not appear after the root and CWM installation.

  • Iñigo

    Thank´s all ok!!

  • Clive

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to do this for everyone, I followed your instructions correctly, however I have a problem… Nothing seems to have happened? firstly I installed the recovery clockworld touch (That went in no problem, although I can find it in my phone) . I then installed CF-root-sgs3-v6.tar, and that went in great… my phones rebooted ok with no problems, but what then? I feel a bit stupid as no one else seems to be having this problem :) when I tested using an app for rooting, I was told that I did not have root…

    Great full for any suggestions,


  • Clive

    humm ok, i answered my last question and wipped the cache ect… went to install the omega v7 rom and I now get E:signature verification failed.

    : (

    Any suggestions?

  • Clive

    ok so E:signature verification failed. is whats displayed when your phone is not rooted? Now I am confused as I though following this procedure would achieve that?

  • Dan-D

    Hey, admin.
    I have s3 with
    baseband version:I9300DXLE8
    Build number:IMM76D.I9300XXALE8

    Can i root using this?

    • admin

      Hi, Dan-D:
      Yes , the tutorial can be use to root your Galaxy S3.

  • Dan-D

    Oops!! I forgot to tick “F.Reset Time” but my device is working fine. Root check shows “You have root access but Superuser application not installed” while I have the superuser app.

    Do I need to reinstall or do something??

  • admin

    Hi, Dan-D,
    That’s Fine. You can download superuser from Google Play Store and install into Galaxy S3.It is free and the link is here:

  • Clive

    any ideas? :)

  • admin

    Hi Clive,
    How or Where you get this message “E:signature verification failed.”?

  • clive

    comments are @ July 3, 2012 at 10:44 pm.

    : ( i cant work it out…

  • serd

    admin, here me again..
    this time i got a pretty big problems to my phone.

    i’m pretty sure..
    my intent is to flash latest stock firmware..

    before that im already make a cwm backup (nandroid backup), i get the info from other members friom andoroidforums say that NANDROID BACKUP also include pics, etc. = sdcard (internal), is that right? (older firmaware)
    and i copy my nandroid back up to my computer.

    then on my phones, im trying to flash a stock firmware, successful, then i go into cwm touch recovery mode, then i click on wipe all user data (factory reset)..
    after that, my phones become as new one, i check my sd card, ALL my DATA GONE.

    after that i root with cf-root again, it’s still original one (new stock firmware).

    then go into recovery mode, restore nandroid backup, successful,
    phone reboot, and when i check my sd card again, it still remain as before i flash cf-root.. (all my data in sd card vanish without track, how supposed i am to use, my photos, videos, and other folder that the other apps have, like the pics taken and edit on pixlr-o-matic, picsart,etc.), isn’t it also restores my pics and all the things i mention above?

    after all, i forgot if i still restore to nandroid backup (older firmware).
    it changed back to previous firmware.

    I’M FRUSTATING right now.. (data and all sd card files gone to the air)

  • ananf

    Thanks, It’s Work! My s3 get Rooted!!

  • clive

    Would really like to get this working now, would you mind just taking the time to view my problem please… I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue
    .. I flash the cwm touch onto my phone, the phone says that it’s successful but when I go to yes the recovery program it’s still android recovery 3e? Please help guys.

    • admin

      If you use this method ” One Click Root + CWM For Galaxy S3 Via Odin”. Your phone will get Rooted and Installed CWM Recovery. So, you no need go to download and install the CWM Touch.

  • Clive

    Hi admin, thanks for your reply. Yes I do have root, however CWM thats installed on my phone when loaded tells me that the recovery software thats installed is an older version, some of the features thats available have been switched off. When I load the recovery, it still remains Android recovery 3e… there is no CWM recovery? This is the issue that I cant work out.

    Hope this makes things clearer.

    Thanks again for your time.


  • Clive

    If you cant help me with this would you just let me know… I’ve been trying to chase you for an answer now for over a week…

    • Ahammed Shamir

      Hey, I had the exact same Problem. I Found a fix. it happes because there is a script running when you reboot all you have to do is just delete it or change filename.

      Step 1: Install Root Explorer
      Step 2: Click settings (from options) and tick Root explorer and Mount System folders. Grand SU permission
      Step 3: Press the up button till u reach /. And then navigate to etc and then find the file
      Step 4; Delete it or rename it to something else incase you need it back.
      Step 5: Install CWM through ODIN again. Use this:
      Hope I have helped u. Lemem know if I have helped you. ADMIN please take note of this. Thank you,

    • Dani

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  • donz

    Hi admin
    Can i root use this method for baseband i9300 DXLF3 ?

    • admin

      Hi, Donz,
      Yes, this method can root S3 with the baseband i9300 DXLF3.

  • Clive

    Well I’ve worked it all out, my phone is now correctly rooted with CWM touch installed running Omega Rom… I appreciate that you supply a free service, however if you DONT know a question because your knowledge is based on copy and paste from XDA’s website then be polite enough to say so…

  • mary gen gonzales

    sir good pm can i ask 1 question i have samsung gt-i9300T now can i root this samsung model to

  • Eyan

    Excellent article soo easy to follow for noobs like me.

    But I do wanna confirm before I root my s3

    My baseband version is I9300DDLF3
    Buildnumber is XXBLFB

    I only have 2 question here

    1. Can I root my device with this version and build number
    2. In the future can you teach me on which to search to install root or custom Rom buildnumber or baseband version.. if this might help I live in India.

    Thank you for this tutorial again…

  • Andrew

    “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging.”
    Where is this ???

  • Andrew

    my version I9300JKLE8

  • Brad

    Keep trying to root my S3 in Odin, but get the error “Complete(Write) operation failed. I’ve followed instructions exactly, and I’ve checked Task Manager to make sure Kies isn’t running in the background on my computer.

    Baseband version: L710VPLG2
    Build number: IMM76D.L710VPALG2

    What could I be doing wrong?

  • Slurpeee

    is this rooting compatible with DXLE9???

  • Slurpeee

    Hi admin
    Can i root use this method for baseband i9300 DXLE9 ?

  • amjad

    is it superuser or supersu ?

  • Jimmy

    Hi admin,

    Ive rooted my phone succesfully, ive used “CF-Root-SGS3-v6.2″ & CF-SGS3-CWM-v5.5-v1.5.This all went fine. But now im trying to install omega v.11.1 on my samsung S3. Ive putted the zipfile on my internal sd card, after that i booted into recovery mode. i selected “apply update sd card”. But i got the error E:signature verification failed. The firmware i have on my device now isa sstock. Please help me, ive spent hours…

    • rameek

      I have this problem too

  • tronds

    Hi, I did everything right. got the “All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0) “. But when i run like “Root check” it still say: “Sorry! This device does not have proper root access.” :(

  • Nicholas

    Problem: Odin doesn’t detect my phone in download mode, only detects when phone is turned on. Latest Kies is installed and not running in background.

  • Lordofgrieve

    Hello Admin,
    Mine is GT-I9300. Baseband I9300DXLF3.
    windows knows s3 drivers properly . but odin cant detect my s3 .
    what happen ?
    can u help me ?
    Note : I havent installed kies ( installed samsung usb driver )

    thank u for ur post
    waiting for ur reply

  • Darth10


    Can i root use this method for baseband i9300XXLFB ?


    • admin

      Hi, Darth,
      Yes, you can.

  • Tears

    hi, can i root my s3 ?

    model: GT-I9300

    baseband :19300dxlf3

    build number : IMM76D.I9300XXBLG1


  • DroidRoot

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    What does it mean?

    • Miky

      Make sure Samsung Kies is closed. Then it will work.

  • Resolution

    Hey admin,

    thank you for all your great work!

    But i have to go on your nerves with my Problem.

    I tried to use this tutorial and everything worked fine. Odin said all passed after installing cf-root 6.4
    But i still got no root access.
    I even tried to install the SU CWM zip but i got the “certificate verification failed” error message.

    My phone Information says now:

    Model: GT-9300
    Baseband-version: I9300XXLG8
    Kernel-Version: 3.0.15-928452-user se.infra@SEP-107 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jul 26 12:06:08 KST 2012
    Build: IMM76D.I9300XXBLG8

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind regards,

  • Nav


    I want to know I have samsung galaxy s3 but I dont know y people do root ? what is root ? nd whats point to do root on samsung galaxy s3 ?

    please explain me anyone


  • sdfsdf

    Hi, when I start it up with VolDown+Power+Home and it goes to the warning screen. Will Odin Detect it in that screen or do I have to press VolUp first? I did not want to risk it, so I wanted to ask first.

  • sdfsdf

    Me again, I have a T-Mobile version and it says the Model Is a letter and 999, it’s not 9300, but will it work anyways?

  • rameek

    When i did the recovery it said signature verification failed what should i do

  • Botond Győrffy

    Hi, thanks for this nice well detailed description. I followed the steps, CWM is on my phone, but some application says, that the phone is not rooted yet. I left the orginal 4.0.4, just installed the CWM.
    What I’ve missed?

  • rootgalaxys3iii


  • Tom Judge

    Thanks for the details. Something here with my phone is not right. I have Oding 3 running and it detects the phone. I select the CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar and i get

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I do have kies installed and the drivers appear to be correct.
    I saw some postings about possibly a corrupt PIT any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi Tom Judge,

      what is your phones model? GTi9300? CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0. is only for Galaxy s3 GTi9300.

  • Tom Judge

    I think I may have the S3 from hell

  • Christian A Kläger Odria

    Should I back up any data on phone storage? And also, I just got this phone over a month ago and I treat it like a lady, should I remove my SD before I begin rooting? I only have movies, music, images and such on my SD.

  • Walid Sediqi

    Hi, I installed the same thing successfully. But still my recovery is not changed, it’s Android system recovery 3e

  • soccerfanatic

    Hi I flashed cwm onto my s3 but when I put it into clockwork mode it puts me into android system recovery . Is there any way to fix this?

  • Jon Baker

    Thank you! I root my S3 now :)

  • Jon thayne

    So my phone is a samsung galaxy s 3 on sprint and whenever i start it the phoone screen says unsupport_type can anyone help me with this?

  • Lucky Ali

    odin stuck on recovert.img pleae help

  • Nekrozys

    Thanks, this helped me. I folowed another tuto that had another file and it didn’t workd. I tried this one and it worked like a charm. Thanks.

  • Clive

    I cant find the right thread, but im completely stuck on trying to flash the cwm on my phone (So I can install custom roms ect) I’ve spent hours trying to do it, I’ve flashed my phone 6 or 7 times with the S3 CWM thats on your website… It doesnt work, I always have the stock 3e system recovery.

    Please Help : (


  • admin

    Hi, Clive.
    What is your Galaxy s3 phones version and firmware version?

  • clive

    Thank you for returning my message…

    Base band – 19300XXLF2


    I tried again yesterday, I have cwm add, but when I select it is says I’m using an old recovery program and some features have been disabled. I guess this is because I still have android recovery 3e … I’m starting to understand how this all works now B-) just wish I could work this bit out?

    Thankyou for your time.

    Clive .