Tutorial How To OverClock Rooted Galaxy S3 For Better Performance

Want to get better performance with your rooted (Step by Step Tutorial How To root galaxy s3) Android Galaxy S3? The new Galaxy S3 powered by 1.4GHz quad-core SoC is built on 32-nanometer architecture, and Samsung says the chipset will offer significant performance improvements over its previous-generation Exynos processor while consuming 20% less power.

By default, The factory settings were over safe and  phone was underclocked and overvolted- So it runs slower than it actually should and drinks more battery than it should.  Now, XDA Developers member, gokhanmoral have found a way though which users can overclock their Galaxy S3′s CPU up to 1.8GHz with the help of Ninphetamin3 Kernel.  Overclocking your phone for better performance is something really exciting. Yes, overclock the Galaxy S3 quad-core processor will increase the performance suited for applications including 3D games, video editing and calculation-intensive simulation. But be careful, because overclock may damage your phones.

Before start, refer tutorial here and follow the step root your Galaxy S3. Then, here is tutorial on how to overclock Galaxy S3 GT i9300 from 1.4GHz to 1.8GHz:

Step 1. Download ninphetamin3 kernel– ninphetamin3-release-1.1.0.tar.md5.

Step 2. Go Setting >Developers option to enable USB Debuging on your Galaxy S3 and then Power off your  Galaxy S3.

Step 3. Press your Galaxy volume up + Power Button + Home Button to enter Downloading Mode. (What is Downloading Mode?)

Step 4.  Open Odin (download Link) on PC, then connect your S3 to PC via USB connect USB.

Step 5.  Make sure Odin Detect your Galaxy S3 (How to know).

Step 6.  Press Odin PDA, then select the  downloaded ninphetamin3 kernel– ninphetamin3-release-1.1.0.tar.md5. (Note: This is .Tar file)

Step 7. Now click Odin Start button  to Flash the firmware into your galaxy S3.

Step 8. Odin will show you “PASS” once success flash ninphetamin3-release-1.1.0.tar.md5. into Galaxy S3.  Your Phone will reboot once the firmware complete flash into your S3.

Step 9. Now Download SetCPU from Google Play Store.

Step 10. Open SetCPU, then change the max frequency to 1.8GHz. Reb0ot your Galaxy S3.

Before flash ninphetamin3 kernel, SetCPU only allow you to set 1400MHz as Max frequency on Galaxy S3.

Now, after flash ninphetamin3 kernel, SetCPU  allow you to set 1800MHz as Max frequency on Galaxy S3.

That’s All, Enjoys! You can visit to the developer link (Google Play Store) to get more info about ninphetamin3 kernel feature.

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  • dana

    Will this work for all samsung galaxy s3 models or only the quad-core version.

  • Pathedog

    My s3′s camera doesn’t work with this version of the kernel. But, despite this little inconvenience, I was able to reduce voltage up to 135mV without pb.

  • jacklimefrost

    any solution or perhaps a workaround regarding the camera issue?

  • Wins

    I followed the instruction above, but it didn’t work at all. After Odin rebooted the phone, it can’t boot up. It just shows the Samsung model and then goes blank.

    I came from Jelly Bean AOSP for Galaxy S3 build 3 by Faryaab

  • georon

    Can it be used for custom ROMs??

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi, Georon. I still not try it on my Galaxy S3 that running custom ROM.

  • Amirul

    hello….after i flash my rooted s3,my s3 reboot…after reboot,my screen goes blank…i even remove the battery….same thing happened….can u help me…is my phone brick…….?

    • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Zanja Joeri Slootjes

      Arnirul, do you already have a solution?

      • Amirul

        this is what i called soft-brick…the solution is, i flash s3 stock rom….make a factory reset…..then root my s3 again…problem solved….i think the above kernel not suitable for s3..i didnt flash this kernel again..

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Zanja Joeri Slootjes


    I got the same problem as Arnirul, what should I do? It doesn’t react on anything anymore!

  • rherney

    my phone got soft-bricked also.. dont use this kernel…