Install Windows 8 Launcher For Galaxy S3 and Note 2

Windows 8 phones home screen and function navigation style is totally different compare to Android and Apple iPhones iOS. Windows 8 phones home screen has colorful animated squares and live tiles. The home screen was designed for easy users  get all the important and launch any application on home screen.

Windows 8

So do you want to try to use the new Windows 8 launcher on your Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2? There have lot of  Windows 8 launcher available download from Google Play Store. I have download and try some of the Windows 8 launcher that available from Google Play Store. Finally, I have found and I think is the best Windows 8 launcher to install on my Samsung Galaxy Android phones. This application launcher is free and the designed , setting , navigation style is completely same Windows 8.  Yes, it seem clone from Windows 8 and you will feel that your phones now is running Windows 8! Here is the tutorial how to setup windows 8 Launcher for your Galaxy S3 and Note 2:

1. Download Windows 8 launcher application from Google Play Store.

2. Install Windows 8 launcher application into your Galaxy S3 or Note 2

3. Launch Windows 8 launcher application on your Galaxy S3 or Note 2.

That’s all!

   1. You have the option to change the size of the live tiles, giving you up to four columns.

Windows 8_4Windows 8_6

2. You can change the themes color.

Windows 8_3Windows 8_8

3. You can set lot of Windows 8 features on the setting Menu.

Windows 8_7

4, You can switch back to the Samsung stock launcher.

Windows 8_5

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