How To Temporary Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I have rooted my Galaxy Note 2 and now i can fully gain access to control my rooted Galaxy Note. I can overclock the rooted Galaxy Note 2 for better 3D games performance, install titanium backup application to perform fully backup the phone system data, install custom ROM and more.  The step rooting Galaxy Note 2 is very simple and safe process . However, keep in mind that there are few things  you should be aware using rooted galaxy note 2. Rooting can void your device’s warranty and you may unable to update your Galaxy Note 2 latest firmware via OTA update.  So, how to unroot my galaxy Note 2? I have installed  OTA RootKeeper application and tried to use it to unroot my Galaxy Note. Yes, that’s work!

Voodo OTA ROOTKeeper is one of free and popular Android devices unroot tool that available download from Google Play Store. OTA ROOTKeeper was design for users to temporary unroot their Android Devices and allow them to receive and update latest firmware via OTA update. The term “Temporary Unroot” i mean here is you can unroot and restore root your Galaxy Note 2 with only one click. Voodo OTA RootKeeper unroot function will not clear the download Mode or Odin Mode flash counter, but only trying to protect root across manufacturer’s OTA updates.  Here is the step how to unroot my Galaxy note 2 GTN7100 that running XXALIE firmware:

Step 1: Download Voodo OTA RootKeeper from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open Voodo OTA RootKeeper . Press on the Protect Root Button and then press Temp.un-root to temporary unroot your Galaxy Note 2.

Step 3: Ok that’s All! You can Download Root Checker application from Google Play Store and check to confirm your Galaxy Note 2 root or unroot status! Then to restore root, you only need to press the Restore Root button on the Voodo OTA RootKeeper application.

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  • Vince

    Doesn’t work with odin rooted device, an another solution ?

  • pan2films

    Its work for my now waiting for the new 4.2.2 update thanks