How To Reset Rooted Galaxy Note 2 Flash Counter

We have discussed few method on how to Root and unRoot Galaxy Note 2. Root and unRoot Galaxy 2 is very easy simple as can be complete with few steps within few minutes. Rooting is process to unlock the potential Galaxy Note 2 as you can fully control your phone system. But, as I have mentioned before, any changes on the Galaxy Note 2 firmware or stock kernel will increase your phones  flash counter. You can check your Galaxy Note 2 flash counter status on the Downloading Mode.

Unroot Galaxy Note 2 only will unroot your Galaxy Note 2 Android OS but still unable to clear the flash counter or custom binary  download. Previously, I have successfully used Triangle Away to reset my Galaxy s3 flash Counter. So, how about Galaxy Note 2? Some of Galaxy Note 2 users reply  to me that they unable to fully clear or set the custom Binary Download to “0″ and only can reset to  custom Binary Download to  “1″. Yes, the  Triangle Away developer has mentioned that some devices keep resetting the counter to 1.

Here, I have tried and success use Triangle Away to fully reset my rooted Galaxy Note 2 GTN7100 flash Counter and here is the step by step tutorial:

Step 1: Download Triangle Away application from Google Play Store. Here, the Triangle Away used version is 2.26.

Step 2: Open Triangle Away application and  make sure that Triangle Away application is support your Galaxy Note 2 model. Then choose and press the “Reset Flash Counter”.

Step 3: Now your Galaxy 2 will boot into “ Triangle Away warning page”. Then press volume up button to start Reset Galaxy Note 2 Flash Counter.

Step 4: Galaxy Note 2 will automatically reboot once complete the Flash Counter process.

Step 5: Power Off your Galaxy Note 2.

Step 6: Now you need check to confirm either your Galaxy Note 2 Binary counter was set to zero or not. So, turn your Galaxy Note 2 into Downloading Mode by press Home Button + Volume Down Button + Power Button. 

Example: Previously My Galaxy Note  2 Binary counter  is 2. Then after perform reset binary counter (step 1-step 4) via Triangle Away, my Galaxy Note 2 reset binary

counter change to 1 ( but still can reset to 0).

Step 5: Now you need flash again official  firmware into Galaxy Note 2 . Refer here on how to download Samsung Galaxy Note 2 official firmware.

Step 6: After download complete, you need manually flash this downloaded official firmware into your Galaxy Note 2. Refer Tutorial here ( Method 3) on how to Flash Official firmware into Galaxy Note 2 via Odin. Note: The step on how to flash official firmware for Galaxy Note 2 is same as how to flash official firmware for   into Galaxy S3 via Odin.

Step 7: After completely flash the official firmware into Galaxy Note 2, then you need to root your Galaxy Note 2, follow  (only) this Root method to root your galaxy Note 2.

then follow the step above ( step 1 until step 4) to reset your Galaxy Note Binary Counter.

That’s all! Your Galaxy Note 2 Note Binary Counter will reset!

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  • MoTz Gallardo Santillan

    Thanks for this I was able to Reset my phone’s flash counter to zero. I’m using a N7100 International version.. A question though, can you please help me out unrooting my phone without triping my flash counter again?. I’m using a stock rom ang stock recovery now. THANKS

  • Hanz Y

    this makes no sense. You are telling someone to root again with the CWM file when the note 2′s will now detect a non-stock recovery upon boot and give a ’1′ on the counter. Please advise.

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi Hanz Y. I have tried it to reset my Note 2 flash counter.

  • Enrico Galeazzi

    hi, I did everything and worked fine…but now how can I remove root in order to have counter still equal to zero? need to send my phone to assistance

  • Bob Fan

    I had root my note2 and then reset flash counter use the triangle away only, but I didn’t reflash the official rom. Anyway, it work as the last photo screen. The phone still in root, I went to the system –> update –> it is better than before. Cause before, when I click update. It shows “system modify can not been update”, the update button is work now. But it seems no connect with official server. Any Idea? Do I need update my firmware use “Odin” again??? Or have some way, root and official update together… Pls. teach me… Thanks!