Download and Install SiyahKernel S3 Kernel For Rooted Galaxy S3 ( Sound Boosting, OverClock, Cpu Governor Optimizations)

Despite being such an open OS, all Android phones in the market today come with a few limitations. These are actually safety mechanisms put in place for more security and to ensure that users don’t mess up their devices. If you’ve ever wondered how to do that yourself – or wondered why people would bother – you’re in luck. You can root your Android in just a few minutes (Step by step Tutorial on How To Root Galaxy S3). After rooting your device, you have full access to the entire system and can run special types of apps that require root permissions. So, you can gain full control over your system and can tweak it to your liking.

The Galaxy S3 – which has a quad-core Exynos chip internationally and a dual-core Qualcomm processor in North America – provides the most impressive Android experience available in the market. Samsung promises “powerful quad core performance” and reveals that the Exynos 4 Quad doubles the performance of its dual-core predecessor, “while consuming 20% less power”.  As well as improved power and battery consumption, the Exynos 4 Quad can deliver console-like 3D gaming, which falls in nicely with the rumours suggesting that the Galaxy S3 will sport a swanky HD display. Samsung also claim that the Exynos 4 Quad will allow devices to take better quality pictures and provide full HD video playback, supporting “almost any type of video format.” By default, we know theta the factory settings were over safe and  phone was underclocked  to make it runs slower than it actually should it should.

Performance Test Before Overclock Galaxy S3 (1400MHz 200min)

Performance Test After  Overclock Galaxy S3- 1704MHz 200min

Here is the another popular kernel for Galaxy S3, SiyahKernel. Compare to ninphetamin3 kernel, SiyahKernel not only allow you to overclock, but also improve the sound quality (best for headset), support adjustable charging speeds for AC and USB, Cpu governor optimizations, Automatic EFS Backupand More. Here is the step by step on how to flash SiyahKernel S3 into Galaxy S3 via Odin:

Step 1: Download nSiyahKernel S3 kernel– Siyah-s3-v1.3.7beta.tar

Step 2:Go Setting >Developers option to enable USB Debuging on your Galaxy S3 and then Power off your Galaxy S3.

Step 3: Press your Galaxy volume up DOWN+ Power Button + Home Button to enter Downloading Mode. (What is Downloading Mode?)

Step 4: Open Odin (download Link) on PC, then connect your S3 to PC via USB connect USB.

Step 5: Make sure Odin Detect your Galaxy S3 (How to know).

Step 6:Press Odin PDA, then select the downloaded Siyah s3 kernel– Siyah-s3-v1.3.7beta.tar(Note: This is .Tar file)

Step 7:Now click Odin Start button to Flash the firmware into your galaxy S3.

Step 8: Odin will show you “PASS” once success Siyah s3 kernel into Galaxy S3.  Your Phone will reboot once the firmware complete flash into your S3.

Step 9: Then you can refer here on how to overclock Galaxy S3 for better performance.

You can refer to theDeveloper Source( to learn more others features that available on the Siyah s3 kernel .

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  • Oskar


    Nice guide but i wonder i few things. I have a I9300 and i have CF-Root and CM9 installed on my device. I want to install Siyah to get NTFS support and all the other goodies. I have tried to install it as a zip file throught CWM but i dont get all the feutures then. Can i flash Siyah with Odin or will that remove my CM9 install and remove my nandroid backups?

  • kr3ations

    edit to the above instructions. step 3. you have to hold vol “down” , home button and power button, then vol up button to continue into downloading mode.

  • Anthony

    Will downloading and rooting SiyahKernel and Overclock work with the US version on Verizon with a dual-core Snapdragon processor?? The phone is rooted.

  • JoE

    I have installed this kernel successfully, but Extweaks when run would not detect any data, No comaptible interfaces detected.

  • Kris

    For some reason I could not flash Siyah kernel to my Galaxy S3 (from version 4.0.x to the latest one 4.1.2). I have no problem flashing other kernels such as Franco r15, GalaxSih v4.0, N.E.A.K v1.3x. I have been trying flashing Siyah since I used Criskelo (my first custom Rom for my S3), then BlackStar v3, then Omega v1.1, then Hawkish Premium HD. It always stuck in “Samsung Galaxy i9300″ screen. Have been searching everywhere for why this is happening and so far nothing.

  • Eman Sapik

    I’m having problem with bluetooth after flashing this kernel. The phone is not responding whenever I tried to send anything via bluetooth. Please fix this. Other than that, it’s working great. Thanks

  • Dhenz

    Will this work with JB, It worked great with the custom rom i was using. I would like this kernal with JB, but I’m not sure this would be compatible. I downloaded the official JB Rom.

  • KING

    very good walkthru………..thank you for including the links to all the tools needed

  • Lukaz Rhan

    Ok I’m stuck at the Odin screen that the last message was “NAND Write Start!!”
    Two and a half hours later and nothing… What do I do?

  • Carlos

    is there a siyah kernal for i747m

  • Matthew T Wagner

    This kernel work for all s3′s.. Just making sure using rooted T999L.

  • bledea sebastian

    the link of siyan kernel its dosent work

  • roy0900

    Doesn’t it destroy the cpu?