Root Galaxy S3 Tutorial: How to Turn Galaxy S3 Into Download Mode

What is Samsung Galaxy S3 Download Mode? This mode is mainly used to install new ROM or custom ROM firmware.

Download Mode is for when you want to flash a new firmware into your Samsung Galaxy S3. For your info, you can update or flash new firmware into your Galaxy S3 via Odin or using Samsung Kies software. Samsung Kies will automatically put the phone into download mode. But if you want to flash custom rom or leaked firmware into your Galaxy S3, then you need flash via Odin application. So, you have to manually turn your phone if you use odin you have to put the phone into download mode yourself.


Samsung Download Mode

Samsung Download Mode

Samsung Kies Software

Samsung Kies

Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin

Samsung Kies and Odin are free or paid application? Both of this application are free to download and use.

To enter download mode, turn off the phone. When your phone completely turned off, you hold press the Volume Down + Home + Power button.


Galaxy S3 Download Mode

If it was done properly you should see a screen with a big yellow triangle and warning message after you hold press the Volume Down + Home + Power button in less than 3 second.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Now you press volume up button to enter into Downloading Mode. That all!


FAQ : I turn it off, hold down home and down, then press the power button until the first screen comes up, release, then nothing, it just boots normally.

Solution: Make sure your Galaxy s3 has fully turn off. You can remove the battery and then plugin again the battery. Then follow the instruction as above to enter Download Mode.

FAQ: I turn it off, hold down home and Volume, then press the power button . Then my galaxy s3 boot into Clock Recovery Mode?

Solution: You need to hold press the Volume Down + Home + Power button. NOT is hold press the Volume Up + Home + Power button.

FAQ: In the downloading Mode, there have warning show that don’t turn off your target. What is the warning mean for?

Answer: This warning warn you that don’t turn off you Galaxy S3 when you are enter download mode and in the process on flashing new firmware. Your phones will brick or the OS will crash if you turn off your phones during updating firmware.

FAQ: How to boot into normal OS after I boot into the download Mode?

Solution: If you still no start the firmware updating process, then you can manually remove the battery then plugin in again the battery. After that, hold press the power button, and your Galaxy S3 will boot into normal. But, during firmware update process, DON’T turn off your phone because your phone will brick. For this, you need to wait until firmware completely(100%) flash into your Galaxy s3, and your phone will automatically reboot after that.


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