Samsung Galaxy S3 Bricked–How To Solve ?

Oh, Galaxy S3 bricked. How to solve?

Compare to other Android devices, I think that flash ROM or firmware into Samsung Android devices is more easy and sample. Samsung Users not need unlock bootloader and without any expert command, then you can manually flash the firmware. You only need install Samsung Odin application and Samsung Driver into your computer to change the Android devices stock firmware.


But, I have mentioned before that manually flash to change the Samsung Android devices such as Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 has the risk especially the phones bricked and void the phone warranty. Bricked mean your phones firmware was crash and unable boot into Android OS. When you press the power button, the bricked phone only will display the warning “Firmware upgrade encountered as issues. Please select recovery Mode in Kies and try again” . So how?

Don’t too worry,  your Galaxy S3 still can power up. So there still has solution to enable your phone to boot into Android OS as normal. Before  start discuss on how to solve the bricked phones issues,  I think you need to know the reason why and how your Galaxy S3 will brick. Here is:

1. Unplug Galaxy S3 connection from computer (Odin application) during the process of flashing the firmware. You need wait until the firmware complete flash into Galaxy S3.


2. Flash wrong firmware to unsupported Galaxy s3. You need to make sure the firmware or ROM is support your Galaxy S3 Model. International Galaxy S3? AT & T Galaxy S3? T Mobile Galaxy S3?

So here is the solution on how to solve bricked Galaxy S3:

Step 1: Remove the Battery from Galaxy S3.

Step 2: Plug in the Battery into Galaxy S3.

Step 3: Hold press the galaxy S3 Home button + Power Button + Volume Down Button to boot into Downloading Mode.

Step 4: If your phones can boot into Downloading Mode. Then wait for 1 minutes to check is it the phone will still stay in Downloading Mode.

Step 5: 

Case 1: If your phones still in Downloading Mode.

-  Follow the tutorial here to download and flash Samsung Galaxy S3 official firmware.

Case 2: If your phones unable boot into Download Mode.

- Then you need refer the tutorial here on how  to force your phones into Downloading Mode. The tutorial is use USB Jig to force your Galaxy S3 to boot into Downloading Mode.

- After you plug in the USB jig, then your Galaxy S3 will boot into Downloading Mode. Then unplug the USB Jig and follow the tutorial here to download and flash Samsung Galaxy S3 official firmware.

That’s all!

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  • rashida

    hello pls let me know that i ve installed the wrong CWM recovery tomy samsung galaxy s3 gti 9300 via Odin.After that i can only boot in Downloading Mode.when i power on the phone it stands only on samsung logo.So pls let me know what should i do?do i need to update the firmware if that so i dont remember product code,baseband how i can i find the right firmware for my s3 gti 9300.waiting for your reply.thanks.