Download and Install Beats Audio System in Rooted Samsung Galaxy S3

Cool! Beats Audio, enjoys Quality sound technology what ever you listen to your Music. We know that HTC has released some Android phones that sporting Beats Audio, a branded advanced equalizer that boosts the bass. But not all Android devices  such as Samsung Galaxy S3(only HTC Phones) are equipped with Beats Audio that enhances your music experience.

Galaxy S3 Beats Audio

Fortunately, now you can setup the Beats Audio system into your Rooted Galaxy S3.  To integrate the Beats Audio system into Galaxy s3 is simple and easy. You only need download Beats Audio Installer apk or application from Google Play Store and then install into your Galaxy S3. Sure, this application only support rooted Galaxy S3. So, refer to the tutorial here on how to root your Samsung Galaxy S3!

Download Beats Audio Installer : Google Play Store

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  • agrumpy1122

    Do you know how to install it? i have a rooted G3 but the store says my G3 is incompatible device? Tmobile version.

  • M

    I cannot download it via Google Play Store, I9300 not supported, can you supply a direct download link please.

  • Seb Jensen

    When trying to install the play store gives the following error message:
    This app is incompatible with your 3 Samsung GT-I9300.

    My phone is rooted.

  • Mohammed

    SGS3 is not supported !

  • Remco

    Install wil not work properly on a rooted Stockrom.
    But you can download the file through another Market.

  • terradune

    Why do you guys post an app for SGS3 that DOESN’T WORK for SGS3??


  • recond9

    Its not supported on my rooted S3.. :( is there a special version?

  • admin

    Hi, Friend.
    Refer here on how to download the Beats Audio Apk and Install into Your Galaxy S3. Link:

  • J

    I’ve installed this onto my s3 but have not noticed much difference, how do I uninstall this app? It says that uninstalling the installer will only remove notifications but not the app itself.