How To Disable Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Camera Shutter Sound

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Camera  design and application is one of attractive features. Galaxy Note 2 integrate with 8MP Camera and intelligent camera software allow me to capture the best quality photo. Compare with Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note to shooting mode includes with Best Faces Mode and Best Photo Mode. So, I am very enjoys using Galaxy Note 2 to capture photo and share with my friends.

I have received lot of Galaxy Note 2 users ask me that how to disable and close Galaxy Note 2 Camera sound. For Galaxy s3, you can disable the camera sound by simply minimize or close the Galaxy S3 sound volume before open or enter Camera Mode . Yes, i have tried this method (same as Galaxy S3) to disable the Galaxy Note 2 Camera shutter Sound and found that the camera sound still cant be off. So How?

Here is the step by step tutorial how to disable Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Camera Shutter Sound. The method below only for Rooted Galaxy Note 2. So, you must root your Galaxy Note 2 before proceed to the tutorial step as below. You can refer here on how to root Galaxy Note 2. But, as I mentioned before Rooting Galaxy Note 2 may void the phone warranty, so take it on your own risks.

Step 1: Download Root Explorer application from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Download “”.

Step 3: Unzip this “” and you will get “Volume.db”. Copy and paste “Volume.db” into your Galaxy Note 2 external card storage.

Step 4: Open Root Explorer.

Step 5: Change “Mounted as R/O” to “Mounted as R/W”.

Step 6: Now you need to made a backup for your Note 2 stock “Volume.db”.

Step 7: On the Root Explorer, Go to system>etc.  Then rename the “Volume.db”. to ““Volume_backup.db”.

Step 8: Now you need copy the downloaded “Volume.db” from external storage and paste into system>etc folder.

Step 6: So, on the Root Explorer, Go to Storage> extSDCard and copy the “Volume.db”.

Step 7: Then paste this file “Volume.db”.  into   system>etc folder.

Restart your Galaxy Note 2. Your Note 2 Camera sound was disable! That’s all, enjoys!





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  • Jane Austen

    I can disable the sound on my unrooted Tmobile Note 2 in the settings menu…….

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Jane Austen, Thanks for Sharing!

    • Jauhari

      Show me the menu please

  • Adam Shrode

    Available natively on AT&T Note 2 as well. Camera -> Settings -> scroll to bottom, Shutter Sound

  • haris

    do i need to root the phone to do this ?

  • Brane Jacobus

    Hasn’t any sense because when the phone-voice is muted the camera shutter is muted to as well as when the voice is set on vibro-mode the camera voice is shut off as well. Usualy you have to avoid the camera sound at the same time as you have to avoid ring-sound to. For example if you are in library or somwhere else where you may not be noisy. On the other hand when you’re making photos outside or at any other place where you don’t need to avoid being noisy the camera shutter is quite atractive.

    So I don’t know why to make myself trouble and sofware changes if there isn’t any need to. Only to prove myself that I am kind a hacky freak…:)?

  • HaZiq

    Thanks.Its working.But do you know how to capture pictures with full screen?

  • Peter Saxobeat

    Thank you for this article!!! You saved my privacy on making photos silently! Thank you 1000 times !!! i will share your page, you made me happy!