Galaxy S3 Stock Firmware

Here is Galaxy S3 updated firmware download link list and info on how to flash into Galaxy S3. Always remember your old firmware details, so that you can revert it back once encountered some issues when flashing.

You can check your device product code by typing *2767*4387264636#. Each Samsung Galaxy S3 devices had a unique product code varies from each country of origin. It does not always mean that you lived in the UK you always got the XEU version, it may also happen that your device is already unlocked and purchased from other regions.

How To Check Galaxy S3 firmware information:

1. You may first check your device current firmware information by,

Model Number: Go to     Settings > About > Model Number    Example: GT-I9300

Android Version:    Go to  Settings > About > Android Version        Example: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich


Product Code:     Type Keypad > *2767*4387264636#     Example: GT-I9300xxxXSA

Firmware Versions:     TypwKeypad > *#1234#



Kernel Version:     Setting > About > Kernel Version    Example:   root @DELL101#2

Download Galaxy S3 Latest Firmware Link

Here is the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware download link. You can download the related firmware as listed below form here ( Galaxy S3 and Note ROM , update Galaxy S3 firmware or ), As we mention as above, you can check your firmware version by type on the Keypad > *#1234# . Or you can check at Settings > About Device and refer to the baseband version. For example:  I9300DXLE8 mean:

I9300 = Model
DX     = Region code or Network Code
LE     = Release-Date of the Firmware
8       = Revision

Please download the latest specific firmware files that match to your device information – country and carrier network.

Region Codes:

BD = Cyprus, Griechenland

BH = Mitteleuropäisch

CE = Niederlande, Belgien

CP = Finland

DB = Vietnam

DC = Thailand

DD = India

DT = Australien

DX = Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam

DZ = Malaysia, Singapore

JA = Süd Africa

JC = Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia

JP = Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey

MT = Schweiz

PO = Frankreich

XA = Österreich, France, Italien, Schweiz, Niederlande, England

XB = Dänemark, Schweden, Norwegen

XC = Portugal, Spanien

XD = Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia

XE = Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine (Eastern Europe)

XF = Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania

XG = unter anderen Deutschland

XX = Österreich, Belgien, Frankreich, Deutschland, Ungarn, Italien, Spanien, United Kingdom (Western Europe)

XP = Europe (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Nederlands, Polski, Portugues and Turkish)

XW = UK, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland

ZC = China, Hong Kong

ZH = Hong Kong

ZT = Taiwan


How To Update/Flash Galaxy S3 Firmware Via Odin

Here, below is the general instruction on how to flash firmware into Galaxy S3 via Odin.

1. Download and install Samsung Kies on your PC. Restart your PC after installation complete.

2. Download the S3 firmware (.zip) and then Extract the file (now you will get .tar file) into your PC.

2. Go Setting >Developers option to enable USB Debuging on your Galaxy S3 and then Power off your  Galaxy S3.

3. Press your Galaxy volume Down+ Power Button + Home Button to enter Downloading Mode.

4.  Open Odin (download Link) on PC, then connect your S3 to PC via USB connect USB.

5.  Make sure Odin Detect your Galaxy S3 (How to know).

6.  Press Odin PDA, then select the  downloaded firmware (.tar).

7. Now click Odin Start button  to Flash the firmware into your galaxy S3.

8. That all! Your Phone will reboot once the firmware complete flash into your S3.

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  • Amey Mhatre

    Plzz help me.. m confused….
    i live in india which firmware should i use ?/
    reply plz

    • gee

      Go look here for your firmware:

    • Adaik

      First off, nice work. Its a really great tool. A seuogstign for future release / update, after you highlight and entry and click Edit, there is a an option to enter the IMDB TT ID. It would be nice if you could then hit a retrieve button and your tool could pull back the information from IMDB. Just a seuogstign. Thanks again.

    • gopirokz

      u can use xxdlj4 and install which is UK firmware and latest

  • Alex

    will i have to wipe/factory reset after? will this work just like an ota and simply update my stock firmware or will it be like brand new and i gotta set everything up again?

  • Darpan

    hello is it necessary to upgrade our phone with region update or we can update with any region update….

    please tell me because i am confuse and i am using this s3 in singapore

  • SimpleJack

    please help me. the product code doesn’t work.


    i have bought a GALAXY SIII GT-19300 from Hong Kong, upon purchase, the shop owner said this devise is compactable with only one sim, once we change the sim, then the phone gets locked? is it right?

  • Jai

    Ao I’m from uk . My phone originally locked to orange network.
    I got my phone unlocked and started using my tmobile sim card
    And it worked fine. I updated firmware and it locked my phone back to orange network again???
    Any suggestions plz??

  • Charlie

    I just bought a galaxy s3 from china. I tried to download apps such as Facebook, Skype and whatisapp..but all failed. What should I do if I want to use my phone inn Singapore and HK?? Should I change the firmware ?? Thanks!!


  • Erich Schuette

    Will this wipe my data? Will my root access remain?

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Which ROM or firmware version you are using now?
      If now the firmware you are using is Samsung Stock firmware, and then you want to flash downloaded Samsung stock firmware (others version) via Odin:
      1. All your data will still remain.
      2. Root access are NOT remain.

      • Blanc Nuage’z

        on stock rom, want to flash new firmware, with detail from germany FW, branded, so need to factory reset BEFORE and AFTER flashing?
        or just need to do that AFTER flashing fw?

        btw, how to get updates OTA from poland, if i using germany fw, and from other country (ex: malaysia)?

        • rootgalaxys3iii

          Hi, Blanch. If your are running stock ROM and want to flash other stock ROM. Then you no need perform factory reset. In other hand, if you are running Stock ROm and want to flash custom ROM, then need perform factory reset.
          OTA only available on your Own region.

  • Ari

    Hi. I have my model name as GT-i9300T but i want to flash it with a UK rom that has the model name as GT-i9300T. Will i lose my data?

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi Ari,

      Are your S3 now is running Samsung Stock (official) firmware?. The phone data still remain same if your phone now is running Samsung Stock firmware.

      • Ari

        yes, im running stock firmware. its just that the Jelly Bean update for this firmware is not out yet. even Samsung doesnt know when its out. so i want to change to an international baseband so as to get the latest OS and also for future updates

      • Ari

        my current baseband is I9300TDULH1 and i want to flash it with a I9300XXDLJ1… thus my question whether i will lose all my data? THanks

        • rootgalaxys3iii

          Hi, Ari:
          In my opinion, i think that your phone data will still remain because your phone is running stock firmware. Previously, i have used Odin tried to flashed latest (GTi9300) jelly Bean to my phone S3 GT i9300 and i found that my phone all data and application still remain same (no lose any data)

          But Now you want to convert S3 GT-i9300T to GT-i9300 (International version) firmware. So , better you search and refer more other source to get the confirmation.

          • Ari

            Noted. Thanks

  • Gastón


    I’m using a custom rom (cyanogenmod) and i want to go to the stock rom. Are this steps are good for me? thanks

    • Mandar Ranade

      just download the firmware for your region , and use odin to flash :) follow same steps above just your file will be there !


    ihave an s3 sch i939 is possible to fash on the sme way

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi, nakpanem.

      I haven’t test on schi939. So i not sure is it the method above can be use on your S3 or not. So, try to search other source to confirm.

  • don quilates

    hi! my phone was bought in france. then my s3 got bricked. i went to samsung service center to reprogram my phone to JB 4.1.1. My woory is they flashed a stock from a different region (Philippines).

    1. will i be able to update via kies when samsung releases 4.1.2?
    2. charging seems slow. do i need to buy a new charger issued in this region?

    thanks a lot!

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi don quilates,
      Yes you still can get the official update for Android 4.1.2. Now, Your firmware region is at Philippines. So, you only can get the firmware update when Samsung official releases the firmware to Philippines. Besides this, may i know how your phone bricked?

      • don quilates

        well i started to flash a rom and i didnt like it. so i restored my backup from CWM recovery. however, i did not format the cache, system etc. but only performed wipe cache, davlik, factory reset in CWM before restoring my backup. it went well at first, but when i started rom manager, the phone hanged. so what i did was to remove the battery. when i tried to start it up, it went into bootloop. the worst thing is, i cannot go to recovery mode but only in download mode.

        1. Is my error of not formatting the cache, system etc. under “mounts and storage” in CWM before restoring the backup the reason for bricking my phone?

        2. if you were in that situation? what would be the solution then?

        THANKS A LOT! Ur the man!

    • rootgalaxys3iii


  • cristi

    i folowing this steps and my phone stil remein on samsung logo after 20 minutes it is a error?

  • Liviu

    I have a strange country/region code, did not find it in the ones listed above. Mine is BV. What region is that?

  • Aaqib


    My baseband version is I9300XXDLIB after the jelly bean update, but i bought this phone from Saudi Arabia. Few weeks ago i got the jelly bean update. i updated using kies and odin but after some days my camera stopped to work :/ As said by you the region code should be JP but dont know what happened ? Can you please help me to get the original firmware because i am not sure that the one am using is the original firmware. Would you please please help me ??

  • ehsan

    Hi how can i get product code of SGS3 on android 4.1.1

  • Katya

    Hello! I have a huge problem. I wanted to upgrade to Jelly bean 4.1.2 but I knew nothing about regions and so. I upgraded my phone but the cellular network didn’t work. Then I installed the older 4.0.4 (i had it originally) with my region but the network still doesn’t work. I cannot check my product code either. Check Fus says that product code is not active. And *2767*4387264636# doesn’t work as well.. PLS help!

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi, Katya. You will get notice for update firmware when the Android 4.1.2 is reach your region. You only can use Check Fus to download the firmware when the Android 4.1.2 firmware is reach your region. You can refer here (Link: to learn how to use Check Fus to check your region code.

    • pankaj ahuja


  • Kwesi

    Hi,guys i need your help here seriously,

    I bought a samsung galaxy GT-I9300 and the details are below:





    Please I’ll like to know if this phone is unbranded.The “MET” seem to suggest Meteor in Ireland but when I boot the phone no network logo shows up.

    Secondly,I can’t use this phone since it is SIM locked.Any suggestions of info for me.


  • Alex

    Love you ‘_’

    • ni10

      me 2

  • Gurdeep Singh

    i brought s3 19300 three months before. earlier its OS VERSION 4.0.2 i have up graded to 4.1.1
    after upgrading it was working fine but now i facing a strange problem
    i am using 32 GB sd card. the problem is that after ever 2-3 minute i receive a error that card has unexpectly removed, card corrupt,
    i dont know what happen to this
    AP :19300XXDLK1
    CP: 19300DDDLJ1

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi Gurdeep. This is cause by your SD card and not id your phone or OS.

    • pankaj ahuja

      hi gurdeep,iwould recommend u to just take the backup of your memory card on your pc and then re-insert the card on your phone and format it in the phone itself.after its been done connect your phone to your pc via data cable and then manually transfer your data according to the folders made by the phone.cheers

  • Nitin Shivamurthy

    I have a custom rom installed and now want to get back to the stock rom !
    So i downloaded the Poland version ( 4.1.2) and the Indian version ( INU 4.1.1) as im from India !
    So which is better to flash ? the poland version or indian ?
    and what all steps do i have to take before flashing as i have a custom rom installed right now ?
    Will my pictures videos get deleted ?

    • rootgalaxys3iii

      Hi, Nitin. If you are running custom ROM, then need flash stock ROM. You just boot into the downloading Mode and flash the new stock ROM. Both Poland and India stock firmware able work on your phone. But i think it is better your flash your own region firmware.
      Remember, before start , please make backup all your important data. This is because you may need perform factory reset, clear data in the CWM recovery Mode. In other hand, if you are running stock ROM and flash another stock ROM, then you need not reset or clear any data. You can refer here for more info:

    • Vishwesh

      INU is india unlocked and INS is India service. It is better to use INU version. you can use any SIM. Pictures normally do not get deleted.

    • ni10


  • pankaj ahuja


  • Vincent Pons

    Hi guys..idk if this guide help me with my problem about my samsung s3 i9300..i rooted my phone and after that i tried to install a custom rom but i made a mistake ill stop the installing process and after that the custom rom are already installed but i cant find my stock rom or the original rom of my this guide help me back my original rom from my phone?!.i ask technicians in mall and they said that they need to reprogram my phone to get back on its normal set up but they want me to pay a lot of money..plsss help me guys thnks again..

  • Sheldon

    hi, I live in the U.S. w/ Verizon and I have a Galaxy S3 with a modified ice cream rom. My phone keeps wanting to update to new Jelly bean but cant because I’m it being modified restricts. Will setting it back to its normal rom help and if so how do I go about that.

  • pedro

    will it remove my root? and should i use Triangle Away after that?

  • Nikki

    Hi, i bought a samsung galaxy s3 I9300 from Hong Kong and i live in australia. i have tried updating the fireware, as my phone says there is an available update, but i cant do it via the phone or samsung kies. the error on kies says:” Your device’s current firware version is not supported to update firmware via kies. current firmware version: PDA:LF1 / PHONE:LEF / CSC:LF1 (XXX)” is there a way i can update the firmware manually or do i have to flash device via odin? and which firmware should i download if its possible? also is it safe to flash my device and will the update work. thanks

  • Andrew Naveen

    hi , i bought S3 from Europe, phone is Vietnam made and i live in india and am using airtel phone just works fine. the problem is der is no software update tab showing up in my phone and i cant update my s3 to jelly bean and my s3 is registered with ORANGE network .kindly help ???

  • even daniel

    hi there,PLEASE HELP ME, i bought galaxy I9300 SHV E210S from my friend in korea, but i can’t used it in indonesia because it is locked by the provider. my friend said i just need to install a custom rom. is it true?

  • NKJ

    Folks, I have a US (Tmobile – SGH-T999) device, can I flash it with stock rom from another region / carrier, ex Australia or Korea??

  • Yogi Verma

    I follow the procedure. Test was passed but while rebotting the phone stuck on samsung logo, nothing is proceeding. i have flashed jb 4.1.1 official rom. my s3 is unrooted. what to do? HELP?

  • paul

    hi there.
    i have a question. besically i could not check the product code on my s3 using
    the code *2767*4387264636# (after dialing it nothing appeared on the screen im
    still in dial window. I got infromation like AP(I9300XXDLJ2) CP|(I9300PODLJ1)
    CSC(I9300BOGDLJ2) I was wandering if i could flash different region rom. my
    default one is French, could i go for unbranded uk rom
    eg. I9300XXEMB1_I9300OXAEMB1_BTU or will that brick my phone. sorry if
    that sound silly but i don’t want to damage quite expensive device:) i was
    reading different article where it says: Warning! Choose and install only the right stock ROM on each
    specified Galaxy S3 model number, DO NOT install to other model numbers for it
    will harm your device or result to possible bricks. Thanks for ur help in

  • taz

    Hi i wanna ask something. Me and my sister have the same fone…samsung galaxy s3. we both have the latest android model but different baseband version and kernel version so there are some features on my fone that she cant do. How can we get it updated so she can have the same features as mine????

  • dinesh vyas

    hey could please explain how to convert that .zip file into .tar file you said to extract and i did so but i didn’t get anything as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.tar

  • Mc Steel

    Hi, i cant startup my phone and there are 3 counts in the custom binary download. The problem is that i cant install triangle and reset it to 0. What should i now ? How can i reset it to 0 and install stock firmware ?

  • Larry Mary Kaggwa Katahaburwa

    I bought a samsung GT19308 for use in China and am in Uganda, Africa. The problem is that my phone downloads and even instals google play store but it skips when you click to open it for use. Its Android 4.0.4 and hardware version MP 0.500. How do I change its software for better use in Uganda since it is not the International brand?


  • Ahmed Hegazy

    my mobile screen freezes and it doesn’t work and till i reboot it , then after a while it freezes again, if i installed a new firmware , will it work properly ? pls answer me

  • Shealtiel

    I just flashed and installed a custom 4.2.2 ROM on my galaxy s3 (sch-i535) but I want to go back to the stock ROM. Foolishly I deleted my backup so I no longer have a copy of the original stock rom. Can this be done? I’m relatively new to this. My phone is a Verizon phone.

  • xsZedjali

    I was wondering if this will unroot my S3?

    • ni10

      dont try!!!!

  • raihan

    i just download indonesia firmware (xse) but when the firmware installed, the firmware is for Philippines. wtf ? (downloaded from samsung-update)

  • Xenor

    For all of you who have stuck on the samsung logo after installing your new firmware,turn off your phone,then press and hold volume down and home button and shut down button,then on the menu that appears press wipe cache data and then restart your phone,if that doesnt work repeat the same procedejure and click wipe data/factory settings(BUT MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE BACKED UP YOUR DATA FIRST BECAUSE IT WILL BE WIPED!!!)if you do this correct your Sgs3 will start normally with your new firmware.REMEMBER,try the first step if you havent backed up your data.

  • Elena Pell

    I had trouble starting up the phone. It got into an endless loop of rebooting its self. What I did was to get to recovery mode (Volume up+Home+Start) and selected the 2 wipe options there. Then rebooted the phone and all is good again.

  • Kellie-jo Woods-Gerardi

    hi, just bought a galaxy s3 193OO but there is no firmware at all on it, it’s just black screen with Samsung logo on and does nothing else….what can I do??

    • ni10

      flush it out