Download Beats Audio Installer Apk For Galaxy S3

Last week, we have shared with you on how to improve your Rooted (Step by Step Tutorial How to Root Galaxy S3) Samsung Galaxy S3 Audio Sound System. This free application, Beats Audio installer will install Beats Audio driver to your Galaxy S3  system. Sure, i have tried it and the Beats equalizer makes my Galaxy S3 music sound much better with deeper basses and fuller sound equalizer.

Galaxy S3 Beats Audio

Some of readers place comment on my facebook comment box to ask me that -Why they unable to download this free application, Beats Audio Installer from Google Play Store. This is Because the Google Play Store show them that Beats Audio Installer  is incompatible or not support for their Galaxy S3 version. So How? Dont too worry about it. Here is tutorial on how to install Beats Audio installer on your Galaxy S3:

Step 1: If your Galaxy unable to download Beats Audio installer from Google Play Store. Then you need to manually Download Beats Audio installer Apk files and install on your Galaxy S3.

Step 2: The Beats Audio installer application you need for your Galaxy S3 is version 2.1. Beats Audio installer apk is available download from the developer Link (XDA: RocKoDev). Other than the developer link source, may be you can Google Search for “ Beats Audio installer  2.1 apk.

Step 3: After download the “Beats Audio installer 2.1 apk”, then you need manually install into your Galaxy S3. Before install, you need go to Galaxy S3 settings>Security and lock screen> Devices administrators to tick or check enable unknown sources. (Note: This Beats Audio installer only support Rooted Galaxy S3)

Step 4: Now you can click to install Beats Audio installer 2.1 apk on your Samsung Galaxy S3. That’s all, enjoys!

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  • Diego Ignacio

    Hi =) i can’t find the 2.1 version of the apk in the page =( , have read it all and nothing… please can you post the direct link to the downloar o somthing similar , ty a lot ^^

  • Ruslan

    I just installed Beats audio from Play store on my rooted S3. when it says in the end Your phone will reboot, clicked yes, and now it does not reboot at all. It stocked at Samsung logo for more than 5 minutes. Thoughts?
    Thank you

  • james

    It got my s3 stuck in a boot loop